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Special Tutoring offer from Pinecone Active Learning

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Happy Pinecone Learning Kids

Holiday Special for
Pinecone Students!!!

If you are enrolled in one or two subjects and would like to try a second or third subject (math, reading and writing), you may do so for $95/mo for Dec. and Jan. (a savings of $30-$50 per month). more info...


Vivian Hobbs was selected the
Best Private Teacher for 2010
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Mastery of foundation skills is critical and requires practice – LOTS of it.  Pinecone Learning provides the sequential programs, the expert guidance  with caring tutor assistants and a learning-friendly environment with daily work that is tailored to your child.

You will see immediate improvement in focus, concentration and attitude.  Fewer errors, neater writing, faster times and better understanding of concepts will lead to better grades, test scores – and a happier child.

Boy Excelling in Spelling and Reading Program

"It is fun to be proud of
school work! Yay!"

Girl happy with the tutoring of Pinecone Active Learning