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Pinecone Academy Fractions 10

Pinecone Academy Fractions 10

Pinecone Pirates at Summer Camp in July

Pinecone Pirates at Summer Camp in July

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Do you have a feeling that your child is lagging behind in the foundation skills? Is homework overwhelming? Do not worry! Happier things can come to your child after the school hours—an effective tutoring program can do it all. Be it the hard math concepts or complicated reading exercises, we are here to walk your child through the process with ease.

Why Pinecone Active Learning?

While there are many Math and Reading Private Tutors in San Jose, why should you pick us? It is simple. Private Tutors at Pinecone are not just experts; they take every effort to create a learning-friendly environment to make your child feel at home. Your child gets one-on-one care for the greatly reduced price of a group program.

Math Program

You can notice a new level of confidence in your child when he/she achieves mastery in math skills. Our Math Private Tutors provide sequential programs and step by step guidance to understand the math concepts... read more

Reading Program

To improve your child's focus, concentration and attitude, active reading programs are indispensable. Our Reading Private Tutors understand how your child responds; so, we design our tutoring programs accordingly... read more

Pinecone Writing Program I

The PINECONE WRITING PROGRAM I presents the basic elements and strategies of writing in a step-by-step sequential manner. Like the Pinecone Math and Reading Programs, the material is presented in manageable pieces... read more

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Pinecone Students Achieve and Succeed

Wow! Pinecone students rock! Thanks so much for the great reports and keep them coming.

SukhmanSahota has been with Pinecone for 5 years (math, reading and writing). She started in 2nd grade when she was getting F's and needing special Ed. She will be entering 7th grade with a record of all A's (except band where she forgot an assignment and got a B). Oh, and Sukhman made Honor Roll!


Girl happy with the tutoring of Pinecone Active Learning