The Making of a Prodigy

Prodigies like Newton and Einstein are born but once in a generation. However, the world is never bereft of achievers. These are structured products of careful and conscious grooming from childhood. Their pinnacle of accomplishment lies in an eclectic mix of god-given talents, hard work and careful nurturing. Pinecone Learning, an educational center in San Jose, Ca uses the active learning technique in its pursuit to craft tomorrow's prodigies. Today's world demands the ability to swiftly grasp a situation and find an answer through analytical reasoning. Pinecone's response to this challenge follows a unique method of instructional guidance that has proven to be more cohesive and enduring than conventional teaching.

What is Active Learning?

Active Learning is one of the latest systems in child education driven by a philosophy of proactive student involvement. In this educational structure the obligation to learn devolves on the student. This novel teaching system is now in its third decade and the results speak volumes of its success. Active learning encourages wholehearted pupil involvement to ensure that a subject is well understood and firmly imbibed. While active learning encompasses many strategies, the key to its success lies in lively student participation with the instructor assuming an inconspicuous guidance role. Active learning strives to achieve its goals through a combined interactive process of reading, writing and problem solving through active discussion. Active learning is one of the latest and most popular educational techniques in use today.

How does Pinecone adapt Active Learning?

The Pinecone Active Learning Center concentrates on Math and Reading, subjects that are the keystones to any system of learning. Without a thorough mastery of these bedrock subjects a child is unable to cope with further learning. The Pinecone Learning Center provides a friendly ambiance which makes a child comfortable, and creates a conducive environment that generates an eagerness to learn.


"Hi Vivian,

I just want to thank you for your unwavering encouragement and support that you have given to Alyssa, now and in the years past. I know Alyssa appreciates the fact you believe in her ability to complete the Math program. Last week I was amazed when she told me she would never be this far academically in math if it weren't for your program and that it has been worth the expense! She rarely expresses any feelings, so this was huge!

She probably hasn't told you, but she is working with a College Consultant (Carol Corcoran of Saratoga) to help determine her interests, skills and possible career options in order to apply to appropriate colleges. Your program will be a big "plus" in her applications and essays. It is so very interesting to see Alyssa's personally written profile and her Myer-Briggs results... she is leaning towards math-related fields such as business, economics, pre-law, etc., and this whole discovery process is very exciting! The program and your dedication to her progress are to be commended!

Alyssa also did very good with her SAT, SAT2 and AP Exam scores. It's unusual that she didn't do better in the math portion, though. She excelled in verbal. And in the AP Exams she scored two 5's which is very rare! If you would like any test results, please let me or Alyssa know.

Thank you so very much!"
Pinecone's Strategy

Pinecone's methodology is to run the two foundation programs of Math and Reading at a pace which allows the child to assimilate the subject matter and apply the new acquired skills to practical problem solving. The coaching is structured so that the child is able to reason for him/herself to achieve the highest level of comprehension. Regular practice and support instills self confidence and stimulates an eagerness to progress to the next level. Each student is groomed to anticipate and surmount hurdles consistent with present day education. The end result is a happy and confident child who is justifiably proud of his or her academic achievements.

For more details of this Bay Area teaching center and its unique, result-oriented teaching methodology please visit its website at Currently it offers some special discounts, details of which can be got by calling 408.270.4548.

About Vivian Hobbs

Ms. Hobbs is a qualified educator with an M.S. degree in Industrial Psychology and 30 years of experience in math and research design. Children's education and research into the best learning methods have always been at the forefront of her career.

Where can I learn more?

Pinecone Active Learning is on Facebook and can be followed on Twitter. For further information on enrollment and fee structure, please call 408.270.4548 or visit the center's website at

For more on its unique tutoring methodology, please click on

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