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PineconeMake Your Child a Better Reader

Creating Strong Reading Comprehension

You are your child's first teacher and the one that makes the strongest impression on him or her. What you do for them at a young age can create a strong learning foundation that will stay with them through the continuous learning process that is life. School can do a lot. In some cases, parents may opt for tuition to give their children an extra edge. But it is what is done at home that really starts the ball rolling. A good example of this is reading comprehension and the things parents can do to assist their children in mastering it.

Read with them

Studies show that reading to children exposes them to a far larger variety of words than other entertainment sources like TV. In other words, what you read to your children will expand their vocabulary and ability to use words far more than any program they may watch, however educational it may claim to be.

Your child has three "vocabularies" – listening, reading and writing. The listening one is the largest and is the source of the other two. This means that when you read to you child, you are increasing all three vocabularies.

Think with them

As a person reads, a series of mental images continuously form in the mind. When reading to your children, try and focus on the kind of images your children will be creating. Stop once in a while and ask them about this, helping them correct any mistakes they are making in associating the words with images. This will help them to keep increasing the accuracy of their comprehension.

Plan the reading

It is best to have a long term reading plan in place. This way you can talk to your children and introduce them to new words and concepts before reading about them. For example, if you plan to read to them about the planets and the solar system, talk to them and explain what the planets are. It doesn’t matter if the same thing will be covered in the reading. The comprehension will increase and that is what is important. Also, pay attention to explaining in advance the meanings of new words that will be in the book you will be reading. This will make the children’s experience much smoother and easier.

Let them choose the topics

Retention and internalization are always much easier when the subject is interesting. Do not presume that what you think will interest the child is what they really want. Let them choose what will be read to them.

Try a little role reversal

Children love to be teachers. Let them do the reading once in a while and then ask you questions about what you have heard. To be able to question you, they must first understand themselves what they have read.

Don't stop till they ask you to

As children's reading abilities and comprehension increase, it is easy to think that they no longer want you to read to them. This is not so. The listening vocabulary is always more hungry than the reading or writing ones. Continue to read to your children until they lose interest in it.

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Pinecone The Pinecone Way

At Pinecone Learning, we understand that the foundation tools of the learning process that are acquired at a young age are those that will last a lifetime. That is why our tutoring programs in writing, reading and math are geared towards providing children with the ability to master the foundation skills in a comfortable, stress free, yet effective manner. We use a combination of tested pedagogic techniques with cutting edge protocols to make the internalization of these skills a natural occurrence that becomes an integral part of the cognitive process. We present the basic elements of each subject in a step-by-step, sequential manner that is manageable for the students. Categorized topics are used to help them brainstorm for ideas. Practice helps them to become familiar with the concepts they use. The students are then guided through the refinement stage where they are able to polish their abilities and use what they have learned effectively. The approach is a holistic one with the aim of enabling the children to learn and apply their newly acquired knowledge in ways that will benefit them scholastically and also in life.

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"Ever since I have been learning at Pinecone, I have very much seen an increase on my grades so far. I have advanced to Gold Honor Roll before but also AFTER I participated in Pinecone. Not only I improved, but I have kept the grades and kept my honor roll at the Pinecone Learning center. My name is Erica Nguyen and I am very thankful that Pinecone has lead me to many,many successes."

~ Erica Nguyen

"I am back in school again, senior year! It's pretty exciting to almost be done with high school. Algebra 2 went well this summer, I received a B+! I hope you are doing well, and thank you again! If it was not for your help, I know I would not have done too good."

~ Tracy
Pinecone Learning - Where Your Children's Tomorrow Begin

childPinecone's methodology is to run the two foundation programs of Math and Reading at a pace which allows the child to assimilate the subject matter and apply the newly acquired skills to practical problem solving. The coaching is structured so that the child is able to reason for him/herself to achieve the highest level of comprehension. Regular practice and support instill self confidence and stimulate an eagerness to progress to the next level. Each student is guided to anticipate and surmount hurdles consistent with present day education. The end result is a happy and confident child who is justifiably proud of his or her academic achievements.

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About Vivian Hobbs

Ms. Hobbs is a qualified educator with an M.S. degree in Industrial Psychology and 30 years of experience in math and research design. Children's education and research into the best learning methods have always been at the forefront of her career.

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