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PineconeDeveloping your Child's Reading Skills

The magic of reading can enhance skills that will last a lifetime. A recent study in England about reading habits among children has discovered interesting results.

• Reading for pleasure has a greater impact on a child's development than the educational levels and / or achievements of the parents.

• Children who read more at a young age than their peers tend to achieve higher grades from the age of 16 onwards.

These facts are more than enough for all parents to encourage their children to read. The habit will go a long way in providing sheer pleasure and educational benefits to the child as well. Reading is a cognitive process that must be learned. Once the ability has been obtained, it is a skill that will continue to improve and give new advantages and pleasure as the years pass. But the BEGINNING can happen only with encouragement. There are many ways in which this can be done and here are a few of the most common of them:

Surround children with books. Place interesting books all over the house and especially in the child's bedroom. It becomes easy to pick one up and start to glance through it. If the books are well chosen, the glance becomes an interest and the interest will keep the pages turning.

Provide a wide variety of reading material. Different kinds of stories, magazines and other reading materials will allow children to see the huge variety of options available to them.

There is no need to avoid the internet. Many parents think that the internet is the enemy of reading. Not so. It is going to be an integral part of a child's life and there is no point in pretending it doesn't exist. It is better to introduce a child to text rich and stimulating age appropriate websites so that the habit of reading can extend online.

Have your child read to you. Why not take it a step further and encourage your children to read to you? You will need to be patient with the mistakes and gentle in the way you correct them. But if done properly, the concept of reading to each other for pleasure will take root and encourage the children to read more.

Children like to emulate what they see adults doing. If parents are seen to spend time reading and to obviously enjoy it, children will imitate their behavior and try to read more because it makes them feel 'grownup.'

The library is not extinct. Books can be expensive and even favorites can become stale over time and no longer be read. The local library is usually a treasure trove of excellent reading material and the cost is minimal. Once the children get the hang of what it offers them and how to use it, they will enjoy exploring the shelves and looking for books that interest them.

Reading tutorial courses. It is another great way to get started with reading. Tutorial courses are designed according to the needs of children. Such rich courses are offered by Pinecone Learning to develop a child's reading abilities and make reading even more fun. There is no need to limit extracurricular activities to things like sports, theater etc.

An hour or so of tutoring a week can unleash the reading skills in children. Some children need help in becoming good readers. For others it comes naturally. Even natural readers can be tutored to help in refining and developing their reading skills.
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"Ever since I have been learning at Pinecone, I have very much seen an increase on my grades so far. I have advanced to Gold Honor Roll before but also AFTER I participated in Pinecone. Not only I improved, but I have kept the grades and kept my honor roll at the Pinecone Learning center. My name is Erica Nguyen and I am very thankful that Pinecone has lead me to many,many successes."

~ Erica Nguyen

"I am back in school again, senior year! It's pretty exciting to almost be done with high school. Algebra 2 went well this summer, I received a B+! I hope you are doing well, and thank you again! If it was not for your help, I know I would not have done too good."

~ Tracy
Pinecone Learning - Where Your Children's Tomorrow Begin

childPinecone's methodology is to run the two foundation programs of Math and Reading at a pace which allows the child to assimilate the subject matter and apply the newly acquired skills to practical problem solving. The coaching is structured so that the child is able to reason for him/herself to achieve the highest level of comprehension. Regular practice and support instill self confidence and stimulate an eagerness to progress to the next level. Each student is guided to anticipate and surmount hurdles consistent with present day education. The end result is a happy and confident child who is justifiably proud of his or her academic achievements.

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About Vivian Hobbs

Ms. Hobbs is a qualified educator with an M.S. degree in Industrial Psychology and 30 years of experience in math and research design. Children's education and research into the best learning methods have always been at the forefront of her career.

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