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PineconeWhat To Expect From Tuition

When any industry expands, its focus changes from a sharp narrow one that aims to deliver one service or product to as many people as possible, to one that develops resources to meet the demands of special client groups. This is true of education also. The curricula in schools have become increasingly varied and offer children a range of subjects and learning opportunities. The types of schools that parents can choose from are wide - Private, Public, Boarding etc. As life becomes increasingly complex and competitive, the demand for quality education will continue to grow. Schools, however, by their very nature, suffer from one intrinsic drawback - they must cater to the needs of large classrooms. There is little scope for providing extra learning support for those children who may need it. This is why the demand for tuition services has increased. If you are a parent considering tuition for your child, what can you expect from it?

The Benefits Of Tuition

The obvious advantage of tuition is that it offers a way to give children a competitive edge that will help them in their future academic careers. This is what all tuition centers promise. What is important and what makes the best ones stand out, is how they go about it. This is often where the true benefits of tuition can be found. Here are a few of the things that you should expect from a reputed tuition center.

• A familiarity with the curricula and teaching systems in the school district. This will enable the center to align its teaching with those of the schools so that children are not confused by what is being learned in tuition and at school.

• There should be a well defined study plan and timeline so that the benefits of the tuition are reflected in improved grades in school.

• Unlike schools, where teachers are usually on a tight schedule, the center should be able to make sure that each child is given the special attention that is needed to meet the demands of his or her individual learning style and need. This includes one-on-one guidance through the aspects of a subject that a child finds difficult.

• The tutors and the teaching system should be geared towards providing a comfortable and stress free learning environment. Children will usually resent having to go and spend time on extra studying when their peers are out playing. Making the atmosphere as relaxed, easy going and enjoyable as possible (without compromising the quality of the teaching) will take the pressure out of learning.

• Students should feel free to ask as many questions as they want, without any fear of an impatient response from the tutor.

• Parents should be kept fully involved in their children's learning and be briefed about their progress.

• The tutoring center should be such that parents have no concerns about their children's safety and wellbeing while they are there.

The fact that tuition can provide children the extra support they need to achieve academic success is well established. This does not mean that an institution can give a guarantee that children who study there will do brilliantly in school. Only an irresponsible tutor will make such a promise. However, an institution that focuses on the needs of individual children, uses the best teaching systems and allows for learning to take place in a stress free manner is one that will provide children with the best learning opportunities.

Pinecone Creativity Summer Workshops 2015
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Full day $395/wk. Half Day (9-12 or 12:30-3) $225/wk.
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Pinecone The Pinecone Advantage

At Pinecone Learning we believe that the means are as important as the end. In other words, that how a child is taught is as important as the improvement in grades that the tuition should provide for. That is why we work to ensure that our students learn in a pressure free environment, where the desire to learn is nurtured and the fact that the need for tuition is not a sign of academic weakness is taken for granted.

Pinecone's reading, writing and math programs are designed to provide our students with the academic support they need to improve their grades in school as well as to remove the fear of these subjects that can create a mental learning block. We take pride in the progress our students make in school and their improved results. Equally important to us are the testimonials we receive from parents (as well as former students) about how much the Pinecone experience has helped in changing the attitude towards learning and increased the desire for knowledge.

"My son has been in this program for about 3 years now. I've seen the great progress he's made in math and reading. This program has helped him to be a step ahead and he is now able to do most of his school work on his own. Vivian played a big role in his progress. She's patient with him and always ensures that he's on the right track. I would highly recommend Pinecone to any parent who is seeking help their child."

~ Bianca Y., San Jose, CA

"My son's passion is ice hockey, and he has always excelled at it. Academics (especially math and language arts) were extremely challenging for him. Vivian, with her program, worked her magic on my (less-than-enthusiastic) son and brought him up from a potential drop-out to a confident college grad. It was not easy, but it sure worked. He is now 28 years old and owns a very successful online advertising business. I cannot imagine what direction his life would have taken without your support and dedication. Thank you, Vivian."

~ Gail E., San Jose, CA
Pinecone Learning - Where Your Children's Tomorrow Begins

childPinecone's methodology is to run the two foundation programs of Math and Reading at a pace which allows the child to assimilate the subject matter and apply the newly acquired skills to practical problem solving. The coaching is structured so that the child is able to reason for him/herself to achieve the highest level of comprehension. Regular practice and support instill self confidence and stimulate an eagerness to progress to the next level. Each student is guided to anticipate and surmount hurdles consistent with present day education. The end result is a happy and confident child who is justifiably proud of his or her academic achievements.

For more details of this Bay Area teaching center and its unique, result-oriented teaching methodology please visit its website at For offers and special discounts call 408.270.4548.
About Vivian Hobbs

Ms. Hobbs is a qualified educator with an M.S. degree in Industrial Psychology and 30 years of experience in math and research design. Children's education and research into the best learning methods have always been at the forefront of her career.

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