Your Instructor

Vivian Hobbs Instructor at Pinecone Active Learning

Vivian Hobbs has an MS Degree in Industrial Psychology with a minor in mathematics and research design. She has held research and math-related positions in Silicon Valley for the last 30 years as well as operated two businesses of her own, including a well known supplemental education franchise.

Throughout the years, Ms. Hobbs has remained involved with children's education and research on best methods for learning. Last April, she visited the world-renowned pre-schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy to learn more about "Active Learning" for young children.

While she enjoyed grand results with her previous learning program, Ms. Hobbs also saw areas for improvement. Noting the trouble spots for kids or areas lacking in the program altogether, she spent years collaborating with colleagues and formulating ways to make improvements including closer alignment with state school requirements.

In April 2007, she sold her center and focused on the development of Pinecone Active Learning.